Swiss Precision Products, Inc, CNC machining

Inspection Equipment
Swiss Precision Products employs the inspection equipment required to manufacture custom parts to meet your exacting needs.

1 Mitutoyo AE-122 Coordinate Measuring Machine with
Hewlett Packard 86D Table Top Computer and Touch Signal Probe
1 Mitutoyo PH-361, 14 inch Porfile Projector with Digital Readout accurate to .0001"
3 Micro-VU Model 400 15X, Optical Comparators
1 Micro-VU 14 inch Optical Comparator
1 Mitutoyo 176-911 Toolmakers 30X Microscope with .0001" accuracy
1 Mitutoyo Digi-Matic Measuring Instruments and Data Processor DP-3 Data Processor for complete statistical process control
Gauging Systems Digi-Matic Micrometer, Calipers, and Height Gauge for use in the DP-3 Control System
Johnson Thread Gauges for all classes of external threads; checks independently the pitch diameter and thread functions

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